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About Me


Dean, Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and the founder of Tel Aviv University’s Center for Renewable Energy.


Has been a professor of electrical engineering at TAU since 2005 after joining the faculty in 1996.


I lead a research group of 10 graduate students and scientists, and his current research interests include nanowire transistors and sensors, two-dimensional  materials and devices, and  charge carrier dynamics and transport in semiconductors. 


Co-author of more than 170 peer reviewed articles, has presented 70 invited talks at international meetings, and has supervised more than 65 PhD and MSc students.


Served as the president of the Israel Vacuum Society (2003-2006), and as the director of TAU’s Wolfson Center for Applied Materials Research and Gordon Center for Energy Studies (2005-2008), and the head of the Physical Electronics department (2011-14). 

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